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Patients with special needs require routine dental care to stay healthy just like any other patient. However, treating patients with special needs can be challenging if you have no experience. At Canby Smiles, Dr. Wieland and our team have completed additional training to ensure we can comfortably accommodate special needs patients at our practice and help them maintain the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve.
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About Special Needs Patients

Who Are Special Needs Patients?

Children or adults who have a physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory, or mental impairment are defined as special needs. In the context of a dental appointment, special needs patients may be especially anxious or sensitive and require a gentle, slower approach. It’s often best to provide sedation or anesthesia for these patients and schedule their appointments when the practice isn’t busy.

How Our Dentist Accommodates Special Needs Patients

Caring for a patient with special needs requires a dentist who is patient, compassionate, and understanding. Dr. Wieland is well-known among our patients in the Canby area for his friendly attitude and laid-back approach that helps put them at ease. With over 17 years of experience providing sedation dentistry, he can also ensure safe, comfortable, and painless treatment.

Whether they need a routine cleaning and exam, a dental filling, or any other treatment, Dr. Wieland will ensure that all special needs patients receive the personalized care they deserve. By administering sedation and using a gentle approach, we may even be able to reduce anxiety for future dental visits.

Call Canby Smiles For Special Needs Appointments

If you have a friend or loved one with special needs, our experienced family dentist can provide the reassuring care you’re looking for. Rest assured, we’ll always listen carefully to any requests for special needs accommodations and do our best to meet them. Call our dental practice in Canby, OR at 503-266-2629 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wieland today.

Meet Jeremiah 

Everyone, please meet Jeremiah!

He is one of our most dedicated special needs patients who has continued to share his love and appreciation for Canby Smiles. Not only does Jeremiah have Down syndrome, but he is also deaf, which makes coming to the dentist a bit overwhelming for him.

Thankfully, our assistant, Angela, has helped care for Jeremiah throughout the years and is always there to keep him relaxed in the dentist’s chair. Jeremiah loves coming into Canby Smiles knowing that Angela is here for him and will hold his hand throughout his entire visit!

Yes, that’s right, she works on Jeremiah’s smile with just ONE hand while she stays locked in with her other hand. Angela has such a big heart, and as one of her favorite patients, Jeremiah always makes her day!

When Jeremiah sees his perfect smile at the end of his appointment, he loves to say “OOOH!” which means he’s very excited. Thank you, Jeremiah, for coming in and trusting us as your dental team. You truly bring us all pure happiness every time we see you!

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