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Our Office's Covid-19 Protocols

Keeping You Safe

Our dental office is always committed to making sure you feel safe in our office. In these difficult times, we’ve taken more precautions to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 within our office is a top priority.

All members of our staff regularly monitor the latest medical information concerning COVID-19, and we follow every guideline from the federal government, state government, the CDC, and the ADA as closely as possible.

New Office Standards

Every morning before coming into the office, our employees are taking their temperatures. They’ll make a note of their temperature to keep a record in case of sickness. If their temperature is high or they feel sick, they’ll remain at home.

All staff members, including non-clinical staff, are wearing masks at all times. To further protect everyone in our office, we’ll sanitize all items touched by our staff that you may come in contact with, such as your credit card.

Dental office cleaning standards are already high, but we’ve upped our requirements even more. This includes sanitizing all surfaces in the office and mopping the floors at the end of each day.

Office Equipment

You may notice a few new items in our office that are meant to serve as safeguards against the spread of COVID-19. There is now a plastic sneeze guard at the front desk and in the consultation room.

Our air filtration system now includes UV light and we run a nightly Ozonator, which changes the air from O2 to O3. We have also installed extra oral suction.

For your convenience, we also have masks and hand sanitizer available at our front door.

Protective Gear

The members of our staff are now equipped differently to provide more coverage. We’re using N95 masks, medically fitted by a local clinic, and all clinical staff wear a long gown. The dental assistants and hygienists will also be wearing hair coverings.

Your Appointment


To ensure the safety of all our patients, we’ll screen you over the phone before your appointment. One week prior to your visit, we’ll call you and ask about your recent medical history to assess your potential infection status. We’ll also provide information about our new check-in procedures.

If you notice any symptoms before or up to two weeks after your appointment, please give us a call to inform us.

Every appointment has been spread out to optimize social distancing and to allow us the necessary time to prepare for each patient.

When You Arrive

Because gatherings of people can lead to the spread of COVID-19, we’ve closed our waiting room. When you get to our office, stay in your car. One of our staff members will come out to greet you, take your temperature, and ask you questions about your recent health again.

After this, you’ll be escorted into the building to the dental chair and the information is recorded in your chart for our records. 

Our goal is to minimize contact between patients by limiting the number of people in our office. We’ve spread out our appointments for the safety of everyone in our office, and to allow us time to sanitize the room before and after your appointment.

We Care About Your Safety

Your health is of the utmost importance to us. We’ll ensure that you can get the dental treatment you need without exposing you to unnecessary risks.

To learn more about our new safety standards or for any questions, please call us by calling (503) 266-2629. We look forward to seeing you in our office again.  If you develop any Covid 19 symptoms within 2 weeks of visiting our office, please call us immediately.

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